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2. For a 4-Bus Power System the following bus admittance matrix is defined. 3-19 -2+j6 -1+j3 0 Ybus = - 2+j6 3.67 -j11 - 0.67+j2 - 1+ j3 pu - 1+j3 - 0.67 +j2 3.67 - j11 - 2+j6 0 - 1+j 3 - 2+j6 3-j9 Bus 1 is defined as a Slack Bus with V1= 1.04 + j 0.0 pu . Assume that initial values are given as V2(0) = V;(0) = V40) = 1.0 + j0.0 pu and find the value for V2(?) of Bus 2 by Gauss-Seidel for the first iteration considering S2= 0.5 -j 2 pu on Bus 2. (25)

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