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QUESTION 1 How to determine the direction of the magnetic field of a solenoid ? Q It can be determined using the right hand grip rule 0 It can be determined using the left hand grip rule 0 There is no rule for that 0 none of the answers are correct

QUESTION 2 Determine the magnetic poles The thumb points to the right or to the left?

QUESTION 3 There are two methods of magnetisation we already knew: 1. method and 2. method. In the second method, electric current is used for magnetising a steel rod or a rod of soft iron. These types of magnets are called (helping words: mechanical, electrical, electromagnets, current, magnet, steel) (A) (B) N or S ? 1 N iron nail single touch Battery coil of wire Steel Bar 2 N or S ? Point out (picture A and B ) which one is using the second method? ( In the picture B: 1 is pole; 2 is pole

Someone designs an electromagnet device to open a door. The door, a magnet and a spring are stuck together. The spring is glued to the wall. The electromagnet device is behind the wall. Ifwe switch on the device, the left end 0fthe solenoid is {N or S). It will (repel or attract) the magnet. So that the magnet will (compress or stretch] the spring. Then the door is opened. Spring N or s ? mm ifififi "

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QUESTION 1 How to determine the direction of the magnetic field of a solenoid ?
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