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Consider a datagram network using 8-bit host addresses. Suppose a router uses longest prefix matching and has the following forwarding table: ---------------------------------------------------- Prefix Match Interface ---------------------------------------------------- 00 0 01 1 10 2 11 3 ---------------------------------------------------- For each of the four interfaces, give the associated range of destination host addresses and the number of addresses in the range. 2. Consider the following network. With the indicated link costs, use Dijkstra’s shortest-path algorithm to compute the shortest path from x to all network nodes. Show how the algorithm works by computing a table similar to the one shown below. 3. Consider the network shown in Problem 2. Using Dijkstra's algorithm, and showing your work using a table similar to the one shown in Problem 2, do the following: a) Compute the shortest path from y to all network nodes. b) Compute the shortest path from t to all network nodes