Korsor 1. In the article ''A Doll's house'' by Henrick Ibsen, the...

 Korsor 1.

In the article ''A Doll's house'' by Henrick Ibsen, the gender roles can vary in the traditional household, culture, 

and setting an emphasis on how it can affect one party,  because of disorganization and how gender roles can switch in the minute.  For several reasons, a relationship can ruin a  person life when the power is only invested in one person. However, there is a saying that said, we are passionate about what we do but we all don't have the same goal; that means, at times people do things out of the blue.  For instance, Nora a wife of Torvald Helmer, of newly promoted bank manager; his promotion came around Christmas it was a sign for the couple to get-go shopping and do other things together.   Suddenly, Torvald got sick and needed quick treatment before his sick get worse, at this point they never have any money that seeks advance doctor! As a good wife, she is will do whatever it takes in order to save her husband's life. However,  she then took a loan on unknown to her husband and family as well,  from Nils Krogstad who was a moneylender, and a loaner at the same bank her husband got just promoted as a manager by forged her father's signature for the loan to be quickly approved because herself wasn't, qualified or eligible any loan or borrow money at that time.  As she got from the bank for the amount of 250 dollars, she was able to take her husband to Italy for better treatment! It was a huge decision for a lady to do such a thing,   but she did it just to save her marriage.  A few weeks later, after his treatment when they return home he asked his wife how did you get the money subsidized all the expenses? She said I got it from my father, his thinking is that she doesn't know the value of business or money so it was a huge surprise for him. Despite with all what did for him, she still didn't get the appreciation from him instead, on many occasion he called her pet name like small horned lack or chipmunks, etc. his attitude clearly shows that  Mr. helmer strongly believes that his wife Nora is not but a furnisher. At this point, Nora clearly understands that her husband doesn't worth her love and she got to leave her husband and her three children as well,  with the broken heart, afterward she left and live elsewhere.

 Korsor 2

Love and happiness when putting together the result can be a beautiful thing, but it doesn't work for some traditional household. For instance, Naro a beautiful girl who married to Torvald Helmer in order to have a better future, but her plant it was disrupted by traditional believes that a woman is someone who doesn't have to make any decision in the home, and they are not capable of using money, etc. However, in the article, "Torvald embraces the belief that a man's role in marriage is to protect and guide his wife. He clearly enjoys the idea that Nora needs his guidance," and  Naro contribution in this shows that women are capable of doing whatever man can do. For example, a few months later when Torvald Helmer Nora husband got promoted as a manager at one of the local bank, it was a good news for the family because the Christmas was around that means, they will do lots of shopping for the family and the house such Christmas trees, decoration, fire war etc. All of a sudden,  Mr, Helmer fell sick and needed quick treatment to recover soon! But they never have much money for him to take to Italy for better medication. However, Nora his wife in worry and she got to do something or else she will lose her husband; she makes a choice to borrow money from Nils Krogstad who was a  moneylender and loaner unknown to her husband and her family at the same bank, her husband got promoted as a manager by providing her father signature as her own that unable to her get the money fast, luckily her loan was approved and she got the money next she decided to take him to Italy to get better treatment so he can heal quickly. After his treatment in Italy, when they were at home he asked her where or how did you get the money that subsidizes all of those expenses? because he knew they never have that amount in his account and he also believes that she was not capable of getting a job to earn money! She reply, I got the money from my dad's. He believes her and didn't take any action further.

Korsor 3

 On the other hand, as Naro was looking for ways in order to pay the remaining loan, one day one of her high school friends Christine  Linda, a woman who been a widow for three years with a child came seeking a job from her husband  Mr. helmer,  but she wants to pave the way for her in order to the job faster, as their conversation got deeper, Nora told Christine that when her husband was sick! she forged her father signature in order for him to see a  doctor in Italy. All Christin has to say is she when too far in fact it is a crime. However, Naro wasn't expecting those criticize from her friend, but she promises that she will talk to her husband about it, after the conversation both parties go apart.  Nora met Dr. Rank, of the rich family man, she told him that, I got a little problem, I need yr help! He said his doctor said to have only one month to live with the disease of tuberculose, and he been love with since then, she laughs and jokes about but Dr. Rank was persistent draw her agreement that they to be only a friend just so cab be able to pay her debt. For the most part, her husband returned to work and discover Nils Krogstad did a traction that a client provided a counterfeit signature to get a loan and he is about to fire Mr. Krogstad! At this point, Nils Krogstad don't want to lost his job, so he decided to visit Nora and told that, he needs her to help him save his job! By talking to her husband who is his manager to consider him stay at that position. She was trying to play him death ear or don't even listen to him.  Meanwhile, he said if you hesitate, I will make it public that you and your husband carry on fraud, by taking a loan from me with a fake document. If you don't convince your husband for him to give my job back  It now clear that Nora forged her dad's signature in order to money pay for her husband treatment and medication receives from Italy.  Unfortunately, Nora tries her best to convince her husband he refused with the saying that, Mr. Krogstad didn't only violent the bank policy but he spoils his home. She then explains to her husband that money she used to take him to Italy it wasn't given to her by father, instead, she forged her father signature to get the loan; Suddenly, he left her because he feels that she lair to him, even though she did it to save his life. Nora now frustrated and a heartbroken woman decided to abandon her children and her husband, to go and live somewhere else because she feels that her husband doesn't deserve her and her contribution to the family.  In connection with this essay, At the time people don't look at the good side of you just because they always want to be the leader and in control, so, for this reason, they will find ways just to prove that your ideas and contribution are worthless.

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