Henry VIII Henry Tudor became Henry VIII when his father died in...

Henry VIII

Henry Tudor became Henry VIII when his father died in 1509. He reigned as King of England until his own death in 1547. History remembers him as one of the most infamous kings who ever lived Henry VIII was married six times. After the Pope denied him the right to leave his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, he turned his back on the Catholic Church and created the Church of England in 1534. Now the official head of the English church, Henry could grant himself the right to a divorce. He then married Anne Boleyn who he hoped would be able to give him a son. Henry was extremely concerned about producing a male heir to the throne. In his mind, the future of the country depended on it. In 1536, Henry fell off his horse during a jousting tournament. This injury affected his health by rendering him less active. He became morbidly obese and even more impatient to have a son. When Anne Boleyn failed to have a male child, Henry had her executed. His next wife, Jane Seymour finally gave birth to a boy named Edward. After Jane Seymour passed away due to birth complications, Henry married three more times. The unluckiest of his following wives was Catherine Howard who was executed for alleged adultery. There was a rapid succession of Henry's children to the throne after his death in 1547. Despite desperately wanting to ensure a male heir, his most prominent child turned out to be a daughter. His daughter with Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth, became Queen Elizabeth I in 1558 and reigned until 1603. Elizabeth, I continued Henry VIII's legacy of power and became one of the most renowned monarchs in the history of the world.

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26. Which of the following words most closely matches the meaning of the word "infamous" as used in the passage?

a. Notorious

b. Temperamental

c. Ethical

d. Respected

27. Which of the following is the purpose of the passage?

a. To entertain

b. To analyze

c. To inform

d. To persuade

28. In which of the following sources is the passage likely to appear?

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