The writing style of Their Eyes Were Watching God the narration is sophisticated

is distinct because _____. Select all that apply.

the descriptions are poetic

the characters speak in heavy dialect

the main events occur in chronological order

What does the porch symbolize in Their Eyes Were Watching God? Select all that apply.





In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Logan and Jody are foils to Janie because _____. Select all that apply.

Janie does not truly love them

their ideals clash with Janie's ideals

they provide helpin herquest for fulfillment

they gain fulfillment by forcing dominance over others

Read the excerpt below and answer the question.

Beans running fine and prices good, so the Indians could be, must be, wrong. You couldn't have a hurricane when you're making seven and eight dollars a day picking beans. Indians are dumb anyhow, always were. Another night of Stew Beef making dynamic subtleties with his drum and living, sculptural, grotesques in the dance. Next day, no Indians passed at all.

What is the explicit meaning of this excerpt from Their Eyes Were Watching God? Select all that apply.

The Indians want to leave the Everglades.

The Indians are wrong about the hurricane.

They are in denial that a hurricane is coming.

They are experiencing prosperity in business matters.

Which words accurately describe Janie's childhood experience under the pear tree in Their Eyes Were Watching God?Select all that apply.





The main conflict of Their Eyes Were Watching God occurs in _____.

Eatonville, Florida

Janie's mind

Pheoby's imagination

the Everglades

Following one's dream is an important _____in Their Eyes Were Watching God. Select all that apply.





What does Janie's marriage to Logan represent for Nanny in Their Eyes Were Watching God? Select all that apply.

emotional fulfillment

intellectual stimulation

material advancement

sheltered security

Why is front-porch culture important in Their Eyes Were Watching God? Select all that apply.

It enriches the novel's characterization.

It illustrates the novel's political context.

It provides a setting that frames the novel.

It foreshadows what will happen in the novel.

How does aesthetic beauty affect the structure of Their Eyes Were Watching God? Select all that apply.

Universal themes bore readers.

Rich descriptions create vivid setting.

Connotative language helps narrate the plot.

Multiple stories form parallels within the novel.

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