Catch 22 Reading Questions: Chapters 26-35 (as a reference) book pages (pdf): Chapter 26:...

Catch 22  Reading Questions: Chapters 26-35 (as a reference) book pages (pdf):

Chapter 26: Aarfy

1. Contrast Nately and Aarfy's definitions of true love.  How do these different definitions serve to characterize them?

2. How is Nurse Cramer's reaction and response to Yossarian's injury indicative of the treatment Yossarian has been protesting the entire novel (think: how General Dreedle/Cathcart treat the men in their command; what the Soldier in White represents)?

Chapter 27: Nurse Duckett

3. In what ways is Major Sanderson used to make fun of psychoanalysis?

4. What is the role and significance of the confusion regarding Anthony F. Fortiori? 

5. What is the paradoxical dilemma posed at the end of chapter 27?

Chapter 28: Dobbs

6. Explain Dobbs' change of heart about killing Colonel Cathcart.

7.  What do you learn about Orr in this chapter?

8.  What does Orr keep asking Yossarian to do?  Why does Yossarian refuse?

Chapter 29: Peckem

9.  How does Lieutenant Scheisskopf cause confusion?  What is Heller illustrating through this incident?

10. Why does General Peckem embrace Scheisskopf's request?  What does Peckem value and appreciate? How is this ironic?

11. Comment on Peckem's enthusiasm for bomb patterns.  What do the men in positions of power value above all other things?

Chapter 30: Dunbar

12. What are some of the ways the effects of Yossarian's trauma surface in this chapter?

13.  How does the incident with McWatt and Kid Sampson further support  Yossarian's panic and terror?  Think about where it happens and what the men are doing when it occurs.

Chapter 31: Mrs. Daneeka

14.. What humorous elements contribute to the farce of Doc Daneeka's "death"?

15.  What is Heller satirizing through this Doc Daneeka episode?  When has he satirized it previously?

Chapter 32: Yo-Yo's Roomies

16. What is the effect of the simile describing Kid Sampson's amputated legs?

17. Why does Yossarian have such antipathy toward his new roommates?

Chapter 35: Milo the Militant

18. List the names of the friends Yossarian has lost since this part of the reading (chapter 26-35) began:

19.    How does Heller structure the paragraph to lead to the final sentence? What is the impact of this structure on the final sentence?

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