Hello, these questions are for anyone who has read the novel The Adventures

of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. They are socratic seminar questions. so would you please include textual evidence to support your answer (it is required)? Thank you so, so much.

-How does the writer Mark Twain use satire throughout the novel? What is Twain's purpose in using satire?
-How does the comic nature of Huck's youthful narration work together with the book's examination of racism and slavery? How is it possible that such serious issues can be addressed with a seemingly light tone? Why did Twain write it that way? 
-Is the ending of the book an effective ending for the story? Why or why not?
-What lessons does Twain try to teach about society? Are those lessons still important today in our own world?
-Twain gives us two examples of senseless violence in the episodes with the Grangerfords and the Shepherdson's and Colonel Sherburn's killing of Boggs. What is Twain trying to show through such violence about human beings? What are some examples of senseless violence in our world today? Give some examples from modern society to back up your point. 

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