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Great Expectations, a classic novel by Dickens he is one of the author's most notable critical and popular achievements. It tells the story of Pip, an orphan who grows up while also discussing topics like human dignity and social status. The author used didacticism in this work by discussing particular societal problems that included human value. Great Expectations succeeds on several levels when a study of writing and memory, as well as a criticism of Victorian culture. Furthermore, it is possibly most importantly a quest for true identity. Throughout the project, Pip discovers that his desires, such as riches and social status, pale in comparison to compassion and loyalty. Great Expectations is another excellent work that combines wit, tragedy, and suspense. The novel stands out as a significant piece of entertaining literature as a result of incorporating these elements, thereby offering entertainment. Around the same time, the thesis discusses social economic problems in society. As a result, it meets its aim and thus fulfills didacticism.

Oliver Twist, another Dickens novel about an orphaned boy in poverty, is an example of a Victorian didactic novel. Dickens tried to dramatize the problems that poor people faced in society in order to elicit sympathy from the reading audience. The aim of didacticism in this novel was to transform public sentiment and inspire inhabitants of Dickens's world to adopt a more moral outlook. Dickens outlines the horrific choices open to poor people in the above excerpt, which included either dying painfully inside the workhouse or dying rapidly outside of it. Though poor people had some food inside the workhouse, it was insufficient and followed by such arduous work that they were unable to survive. Dickens tried to encourage his readers to think more deeply about the problems of suffering in his time.

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