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Microsoft Word - ENGL100W16Assignments.docx

Write a thoughtful and coherent essay on ,” InfoRed’s “I Remember” 

length 750 words 

here is some instruction by the instructor.


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1-Introduction and Thesis: (one paragraph)

Make sure the introduction has a developed thesis. For the purposes of this course, place your thesis statement as the last sentence of your first paragraph.

See the section on thesis statements and topic sentences below.

2-Body Paragraphs and Topic Sentences: (three or more paragraphs)

Make sure each paragraph begins with an analytic topic sentence (not just a plot point or description).

Focus on only one topic per body paragraph (and one idea per sentence).

End each body paragraph with a concluding statement on that paragraph’s topic -- (do not end paragraph with just a plot point or description).

The topic sentence of the next paragraph should provide some connection or coherence with the previous paragraph, to provide ongoing development of your argument.

3-Conclusion: (one paragraph)

Tie your points together and prove your thesis (argument). Summarize your intro and thesis -- but don’t just repeat them word for word -- rather, your concluding summary should be a developed articulation of your overall argument.

Works Cited: Review MLA Citation Style and Works Cited Format.

there will be fair tips for the great work 

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I Remember by InfoRed (Brad Bellegarde) I was playing outside just a little man With the world in the palm of my hand A little kid living life with innocence I remember everything with images A red truck and a man in a black robe They told my mom, call him father Joe So we called him father Joe I saw a tear in my mother’s eye I let out a cry But I didn’t know why Piled up on the back of a truck It had a flatbed on it and the road was rough My hands were shaking Feeling sick to my stomach Where are they taking us? Who could have done it? My body is nervous Why am I leaving? What is the reason? What is the purpose? Now I’m just a lost little kid Looking for my mother in this life that I live All alone On the road that I’m travelling And I really want to do is go home I remember, walking through the doors of the school It was cool in September They gave us clothes, put numbers on our sweaters Said this will be your name until your home in December They put powder on my head Threw me in the shower Then lined us up for bed They took my braid away, They took our braids away. Cold night feeling shackled to my bed I remember hearing whimpers from the kids Whispers across the room Talking things like, “I hope we go home soon!” And this is just the first night In my life, I think this is the worst night I’m just a kid and their testing my will When we’d hear the jingle of the keys We’d all lie still I’d close my just to block out where I’m living With an image on a cloud that I’m sitting I want to fly away, I want to fly away I can’t cry, I can’t sleep They even took away a kid for trying to speak I remember thinking that we’d never get to meet Then my mind drifted off and fell asleep My first morning brought food I couldn’t eat And if we didn’t we’d get punished in our seat This is the life that I had to live in Residential School as a kid Now it’s sixty years later looking back Kind of funny how my mind remembers that
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