Write a 1000 word essay on the topic below. MUST USE the following: 3 peer reviewed sources in addition to whatever primary texts they discuss (and...
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MUST USE3 peer reviewed sources in additionbe in MLA format and use MLA style citations Here is the topic

Write a 1000 word essay on the topic below. the following:

 to whatever primary texts they discuss (and these sources must be used, actually cited, in the essay, not just listed in the works cited at the end)

Social Issues in Reed's The C Above C Above High C:  Reed's play is focused on major social issues of the 50s, not only those pertaining to race, but also those pertaining to sex and gender, and he approaches those issues from some interesting directions. Choose 1 social issue other than race that Reed engages and analyze his presentation of that issue through the particular characters and non-historical encounters that he depicts. Why does he approach the issue using these particular characters and their concerns? Is his approach effective? Make sure that you specifically define the social issue and characters being used, and if necessary, do some historical research on that issue to better inform your view.

Cite work in text and at the end of essay. 

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