PLS NO PLAGIARISM SECTION A Why does Dracula want to move to...



Why does Dracula want to move to England? What do you make of his collection of English books, maps, etc. and his desire to speak like an English gentleman?  Why might Dracula’s move to England and his collection of English texts be viewed as preparations for war to Victorian readers?


  1. What is significant about the first paragraph of Stoker’s novel? How do the themes and issues presented in this passage set the tone for the story?  Also, what possible themes, issues, etc. are foreshadowed here?  
  2. Why is Jonathan preoccupied with the food of this foreign region? How does it differ from the food he is accustom to in England? How does this difference underscore the differences between the East and West?
  3. What is significant about the Carpathian region in Stoker’s novel? Why might Stoker place Dracula’s castle in this region?
  4. What types of religious tensions are present in these first few chapters of Stoker’s text?
  5. How are Jonathan and Dracula described in the text? How do they differ? Why are these differences important to the plot development of the novel?
  6. What letters does Dracula force Jonathan to write? 
  7. In these first few chapters what is your impression of Jonathan, Mina, Lucy, Holmwood, Morris, and Dr. Seward?
  8. What is the history of Whitby and how might it foreshadow Dracula’s invasion of England?
  9. Why might Stoker have included the story of George Canon in his text? How might his death relate to Dracula?
  10. In what ways do the characters Mina and Lucy compare/contrast?
  11. What "disturbing acts" of Renfield's does Dr. Seward record? In what ways does Renfield’s behavior mimic another’s actions in the novel?

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