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200 Word response needed. Follow Summary/Response Guideline My...

200 Word response needed.

Follow Summary/Response Guideline

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My Purpose Statement The audience of my essay will be my classmates and my instructor for my English 111 course, Professor Alicia Slocum. I am writing for an Ivy Tech online course. I believe that my essay contains information that my classmates will have some prior knowledge of, but for the most part, the information contained will be new and understandable for any reader. This topic is entirely applicable to the time period we are living in as food and poverty has become a major concern in areas, not just in our country, but around the world. My hope in writing this summary and response is to allow the readers to see the issues presented in this article as well as to give them the tools to form their own opinions on the subject matter, regardless of a possible bias in the viewpoint of the original article. The medium I will be using is a formal academic manuscript.
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WRITING PROJECT 1: Summary and Response Peer Response Description Consult CHAPTER 3 of Writing: Ten Core Concepts , Step 7, to develop and complete your peer response. Giving Feedback 1. Find the WP1 Peer Response Board. During Class Session 2, Frst drafts of Writing Project 1 were posted in the WP1 Peer Response Board in the Discussions page. Go to the Discussions page and scroll down to Fnd this board. If you did not yet post your draft in this board, do this now! (See instructions in Class Session 2.) You will need to post a draft in order to provide responses to your peers’ drafts. 2. Choose drafts to review. Read as many drafts as you can and choose two drafts that have not yet received any feedback to respond to in detail. NOTE : To ensure that ALL students receive feedback, it is important that you Frst respond to drafts that have received NO feedback yet. If you Fnd that all drafts have received feedback, then look for a draft that has only received feedback from one person. DO NOT respond to a draft that has already received feedback from two other peers unless no other options are available. Download each draft to your computer and save them with a name that will make them easy to identify later. 3. Write Peer Response. ±or each review, respond to at least 4 of the following 5 peer response questions, choosing questions based on which you think will be most help to each peer. Write your answers on the last page of the downloaded copies of the drafts you have selected and label each answer with the letter that corresponds with the question answered. Provide as many speciFcs as possible, quoting from your peers’ drafts as applicable and providing speciFc suggestions for improvement. A. Analyze the writer’s summary of the core reading. Does it clearly identify the reading being summarized? Could a reader unfamiliar with the core reading get a good sense of what the core reading is about based on the summary? Does the summary capture the main idea(s) of the core reading and some of the major supporting points and details? Is the summary objective and fair? Is it accurate? What works best? What is missing? B. Analyze the writer’s response to the core reading. Does the writer provide a clear and distinct opinion about the ideas in the core reading or the e²ectiveness of the core reading? Does the writer back up his or her opinions with evidence? Does the response seem accurate and consistent with the core reading? What works best? What is missing? C.Analyze the medium and form of the draft. Does the organization of the draft make it easier to read or does it make it more confusing? Is there a clear introduction with thesis, a body, and a conclusion? Does the introduction su³ciently introduce the topic and main ideas? Does it draw the reader into the project? Does the conclusion adequately sum up the project? Does it emphasize the writer’s main ideas and leave readers with a lasting impression? Does the writer use appropriate academic formatting? What works best? What is missing?
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