Note: This assignment is completed and submitted in three parts. Please

pay attention to the individual due dates for the three parts. They are noted in the separate folders for each part of the assignment.
You read in the newspaper that the English department of a local college has decided to cut eighteenth-century British literature from its course offerings because the curriculum committee has deemed the content of the course "irrelevant" and "old-fashioned." It is your job to convince the committee that many of the ethical, political, and personal challenges faced by individuals in the eighteenth century are still relevant today.
To accomplish this, you will select a character or an authorial persona from the works we read this semester and demonstrate how his or her experiences correspond with a modern event and/or reflect modern thought.
Some possible pairings (you are not limited to these choices):

-Dryden’s depiction of music in his odes to St. Cecelia and our contemporary views on the negative and positive effects of music
-Gulliver’s reaction to the politicians and courtiers throughout his travels and contemporary political corruption/maneuvering in our current political society
-Pope's "The Rape of the Lock," Swift's "The Lady's Dressing Room," Montagu's "The Reasons that Induced Dr. Swift to Write a Poem Called 'The Lady's Dressing Room,'" and modern social attitudes about womenLength: 5–7 pages, double-spaced, and typed in Times New Roman 12-point font.
Source Requirement: In addition to the literary work(s) you are analyzing, select at least two sources that deal with the eighteenth century and two sources that deal with our contemporary society. These sources must be appropriate for use in an academic paper.
Audience: The curriculum committee in the English department described above, which is made up of English professors.
Due Dates and Grades: This assignment consists of three parts, each of which accounts for a percentage of your overall class grade.
1. Thesis: Submit a 1- to 3-sentence thesis statement and a 1- to 2-paragraph description of your plan for the paper.
Due at the end of the fifth week of the semester. This part of the assignment is worth 5 percent of your final class grade.
 2. Annotated Bibliography: Select at least five sources that you believe will be useful for your paper. Construct a bibliography following Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines. In addition to providing publication information for each source, provide a brief annotation. In the annotation, summarize the main point of the source and its arguments, and explain how and where you anticipate using this source in your paper. Each annotation should be 1–2 paragraphs.
 This part of the assignment is due at the end of the sixth week of the semester and is worth 10 percent of your final class grade.
 3. Paper: Compose a well-argued and well-supported paper convincing the curriculum committee that eighteenth-century literature is still relevant today. You must make a strong thesis, support your argument with material from secondary sources as well as the literary text(s) you selected, and follow MLA guidelines for formatting and citation.
This part of the assignment is due at the end of the eighth week of the of the semester and is worth 35 percent of your final class grade.

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