A) Counterpoints-Clarissa and Septimus

In Woolf’s novel, Septimus Warren Smith acts as a counterpoint to Clarissa Dalloway.  In what ways, do these two characters contrast? Do they share any similarities? Also, what is Clarissa doing when Septimus’s world first collides with her? Why is this first intersection significant? Finally, what is Woolf trying to communicate to readers by having these two characters’ worlds intersect? 

B) Prufrock's Indecision

Compare Prufrock to Peter Walsh in Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway. How are they similar? How do they reflect the modern ideas of disillusionment, isolation, and regret?  Also, name another character in ( Dracula OR Frankenstein )that reminds you of Prufrock’s indecision.

pls answer the prompt and all questions above as well as cite evidence from the texts to support your claims

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