I need help with the questions in attached document. There are 3...

I need help with the questions in attached document. There are 3 questions and i need at least 2-3 paragraph answers on each questions.

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1. What were the characteristics of Renaissance theater? How does Hamlet reveal that it was written specifically for Renaissance theater? Use specific examples from the play to show how the play would be performed. 2. Compare the families in Sandra Cisneros’ Mericans and August Wilson’s Fences. Describe the concept of family that each work presents. What good and bad effects are produced within the families? What are the internal struggles of the families? Are these struggles resolved? 3. Consider the role of the narrator in Orientation by Daniel Orozco and Girl by Jamaica Kincaid. How does the language of each narrator affect your attitudes toward him or her? Be sure to use specific examples of the narrators’ language to demonstrate the attitudes they convey.
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