I would like to check my essay for grammar and errors.

I would like to check my essay for grammar and errors.

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Anna Vronsky VS Florentno and Fermina’s love Anna Karenina and Love in The Time of Cholera are Two unique love sTories porTrayal of exTraordinary love relaton beTween The main characTers Anna and Vronsky and Florentno and Fermina. BoTh movies display an exceptonal love sTory beTween These characTers, buT The movies also show ThaT boTh paired characTers have a di±erenT sTyle, TasTe and manner of expressing Their love To each oTher. In a sense love is depicTed as marvel, an unpredicTable realiTy beTween The paired characTer and To The world. Raising a boy and already married To Karenina, Anna is The main characTer of ²lm Anna Karenina . DespiTe her marriage life, she fails To conTrol her desire and she falls in love wiTh young man Vronsky. Soon The lus³ul love relaton wiTh Vronsky resulTs in her pregnancy wiTh Vronsky’s daughTer. Florentno, on The oTher hand is a young unmarried man and The main characTer of Love in the Time of Cholera , he falls in love wiTh Fermina who also is unmarried aT The tme. Beside love being a worldwide wonder and The main Theme of The boTh movies, There are a loT of oTher di±erences and few commonalites beTween The main characTers of The movies Anna and Vronsky and Florentno and Fermina exhibitng and expressing Their love relaton. Love is an undeniable realiTy ThroughouT The world, buT every individual owns di±erenT percepton of iT. In oTher words, love is one of world’s wonder as people have Their own inTerpreTaton and realizaton. One may only look inTo love as a physical a´racton, lusT and pursue of desire, while oThers look inTo iT as infaTuaton of physical, emotonal and cerTain virTues. Anna and Vronsky’s love sTory verses Florentno and Fermina’s vividly depicTs multple venue of love being a mysTery since boTh couples exhibiT di±erenT percepton of love. Anna and Vronsky’s version of love is only porTrayal of physical a´racton in pursue of couple’s passion for lusT, violatng marriage sanctTy and norm of socieTy. Anna is already married To Karenina as she falls in love wiTh Vronsky and conceives his child. She shows a hasTy and conTemporary love relaton. She fearlessly violaTes The norm of socieTy exhibitng her lus³ul emoton To Vronsky despiTe being married To Karenina. She simply follows her desire and esTablishes lus³ul relaton wiTh Krensky. On The oTher hand, Florentno and Fermina’s love relaton show more Traditonal and a True love, buT aT The same tme an illusionary love. When Florentno falls in love wiTh Fermina, They are boTh a´racTed wiTh each oTher physically and emotonally, buT she considers her love as an illusion. She disappoinTs Florentno Telling him “I jusT realized ThaT whaT is beTween us is noThing more Than an illusion, iT clouds my eyes” ( ). She merely considers her love an illusion jusT To comforT Florentno, buT despiTe The pain of her geµng married wiTh Urbino, Florentno remains very patence and loyal To her. Florentno promises To himself To sTay virgin, and To noT marry anyone, buT Fermina. When oTher girls were o±ered To him for sex pleasure and lusT aT The club, he simply replies “My beloved is reTurning soon, I only lose my virginiTy for love” (Love in The ¶ime of Cholara). ¶he word Love is irrefuTable because iT exisTs in every language, culTure, and naton around The world.
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