_________________________ TOTAL: _____________ EWRT 1Bz: Love Essay Rubric 1. Organization and Cohesion (20) 3.
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I have to write an essay about love with MLA format 1000+ here are the structures: for this friday.

Love Essay: For this essay, write on love and your unique definition of the word. Avoid obvious or trite sayings about love, and instead focus on some unique aspect of love or its manifestations. Find an interesting and specific angle on the topic, otherwise your essay will be too broad and tend towards over generalizing. Consider turning some common phrase about love on its ear or talking about what it is not. Or you could take a current societal trend or misconception about love and reframe it. This essay must demonstrate careful critical thinking, illustrate sound analysis of at least one literary work (poem, play, novel, short story) NOT from assigned course readings, and use a minimum of 3 quotes from reputable sources. See Love Essay Rubric for more info.

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Name: _________________________ TOTAL: _____________ EWRT 1Bz: Love Essay Rubric 1. Adherence to the Assignment (10) The piece is an academic essay outlining your unique interpretation of what love is or isn’t, love’s characteristics, how love is manifested, etc. Come up with a unique angle to examine some aspect of love. The essay uses at least one creative/artistic work not covered in class (novel, movie, tv show, song, short story, poem, etc.) to explore your interpretation of love and/or its characteristics At least three relevant quotes from three different credible sources appear in the paper to support your ideas The thesis of the piece is original, analytical, and goes deeper than a simple, touchy feely response The essay is of appropriate length, depth, and complexity (1000+ words) 2. Organization and Cohesion (20) The essay has an effective introduction that provides appropriate background information for the thesis The thesis is clearly stated in the introduction and identifies the topic, opinion, and parts of the essay Each paragraph begins with a topic sentence which clearly orients the reader to the part of the thesis that will be examined in the following paragraph and transitions effectively from the previous paragraph(s) Each paragraph has distinct points with specific quotes and examples offered as evidence There is good transition between paragraphs, individual sentences, and ideas; ideas follow a logical progression No superfluous information is given not related to the thesis—all elements of the thesis are explored in detail 3. Clarity and Conciseness (20) The writer’s ideas are clearly expressed in the thesis and supported through the body Ideas are expressed in a manner that is free from confusion avoiding awkward or confusing expression Appropriate background information is provided so the reader can process the main points in context Pronouns and demonstratives (this, that, these, those) are used unambiguously Text is free of wordiness and needless repetition; passages or elements unrelated to thesis are eliminated Words selected convey most accurately and poignantly the author’s meaning 4. Rhetorical Devices and Supporting Evidence (20) An interesting, credible, and authoritative voice emerges in the piece The writer argues persuasively for his/her viewpoint while still being sensitive to counter-arguments The author makes a connection with the reader and has clearly kept an audience in mind The writer uses sound logic and effective progression of ideas to argue specific points Unsupported claims or unfounded assumptions are removed from the essay The writer exploits the implications of the arguments presented The essay has an interesting title that supports the rhetorical devices and viewpoint of the writer The writer effectively combines and balances outside sources and examples with his/her individual analysis Specific quotes and examples are explained to support and give context to the writer’s ideas Quotes used are integrated well into the flow of the writer’s thoughts and structure Sufficient context is given to orient the reader, but extensive quoting or summary is avoided Vague or overly general claims are avoided; analysis is firmly grounded in sound reasoning and credible examples Direct quotes, paraphrasing, and even ideas gleaned from other sources are cited appropriately 5. Grammar, Mechanics, and Punctuation (10) Spelling is correct and the essay has been carefully proofread Subjects and verbs agree; verb tense is consistent and appropriate Passive voice is used only when needed and is effective Sentence structure and word order follow American English grammar and usage conventions Commas, semi-colons, periods, and dashes are used correctly; run-on sentences and fragments are eliminated Quotations from the text are correctly punctuated Conventions of capitalization are followed correctly Punctuation rules and conventions are adhered to (apostrophes, parentheses, etc.) Punctuation follows MLA guidelines when citing references and on the Works Cited page 6. Format (10) Appropriate format is followed with appropriate heading in the top left-hand corner 11-12 point font is used; paper is double spaced MLA guidelines are followed in the essay itself and on the Works Cited page 7. Draft (10) Draft is complete and shows evidence of continued effort; draft typed and was received on time The essay’s organization has basic shape and structure The draft generally makes sense and is free from major errors in grammar and punctuation M. Reber 1/26/2017 1
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The final version shows significant improvement from the draft M. Reber 1/26/2017 2
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