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I am requesting assistance with my literature review on Service...

I am requesting assistance with my literature review on Service quality. Attached is the my draft that i submitted to me instructor along with the recommendations she made.

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Literature Review Rubric Criteria Objective Points Available Points Achieved Introduction Topic is clearly identified. Clearly states a specific problem, gives a brief, succinct background, and indicates why solving it is important. 5 5 Lit Rev. - Organization Structure is intuitive and sufficiently grounded to each of the key constructs and variables of the proposed study. The review was organized using subheadings. The review was suitably organized considering the contents of the selected articles. *This was disjointed. Be sure to transition between ideas in a smoother fashion. 20 15 Lit. Review – Content Narrative integrates critical and logical details from appropriate literature. Key constructs and variables were connected. Attention is given to different perspectives and opinion vs. evidence. The findings and results of articles were thoughtfully compared, contrasted and/or connected to each other. The review concluded with a summary of the knowledge found from this review and related the knowledge gain to the inquiry question 20 15 Research Question Articulates a clear, reasonable, and succinct research question or questions. Connection with the literature review is clear and obvious. 10 10 Theoretical Framework Framework is solidly grounded in the literature review. Connections are clear and accurate. Relationships among variables are clearly and accurately explained. Theory underlying the relations is clearly explained. 20 5 Hypothesis Hypotheses are clearly stated using appropriate language and/or symbols. Relationship between hypotheses and theoretical framework is clear. Hypotheses are expressed in the form of testable statements. 5 1 References At least 7 appropriate references were used and each specifically related to the question. Standards of APA formatting were followed with very few errors. 10 8 Writing & Timeliness Consistently applied standards of English composition. There were no grammatical, spelling and/or punctuation errors and transitional phrases were used to guide the reader throughout the text. 5 5 Formatting Consistently applied APA guidelines in regards to citations, references, headings, table of contents, page numbers, and running headers 5 3 Feel free to schedule a one on one with me this week to clarify any areas of concern. 100 67
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