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A character from a novel or play that you have recently read is on...

A character from a novel or play that you have recently read is on trial, and you are the attorney defending him or her. Identify the novel, the character, and the crime (the crime can pertain to an act or a personality trait) for which he or she is on trial. It is time for the closing arguments of the case, and you are responsible for creating an appeal to logos that will persuade the jury to liberate the character.

Think about a literary work that you have recently read. Choose either the feminist or New Historicism critical theory, and explain your interpretation of the plot or character from the work. How does viewing the plot or character through the chosen perspective affect your interpretation of it?

Choose a work of literature that you would identify as Gothic. Identify the title of the work and at least three characteristics that make the text a Gothic work. Explain how these characteristics are present in your chosen literary work.

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