Reading: S. Beckett 'Endgame'. Questions: Please answer questions 1 and 2 plus any 2 other questions:

The following worksheet is based on:

1.    Briefly describe the play's plot. 

2.    Pick a quotation from the lay that you found interesting; explain the meaning of the quotation and why you chose it. 

3.   The play's title refers to the final stage of a chess match, where most of the major pieces have been exchanged and the two kings remain. What insight does the title give us into the play? 

4.    How would you describe the relationship between Hamm and Clov? Does this develop or change over the course of the play? 

5.   Describe the role played by human bodies in the play. 

6.   With specific reference to Hamm's story (his 'narrative' or 'chronicle'), what would you say is the role of story-telling in the play? 

7.   Using specific examples, discuss the role played by nostalgia in the play. 

8.   Are any of the four characters free? Justify your answer with reference to the text. 

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