Question 1 : Drama or a Play is a form of literature that is...

Question 1 :

Drama or a Play is a form of literature that is performed in front of an ___

Question 2 :

In character development ____

is the measure of how a person conducts themselves under a certain set of circumstances.

Question 3:

William Shakespeare certainly lived in a different time and in a different culture than we live today. Yet the themes of the _____

condition, seem to be relatable.


Question 4:


in the cinema is of three types: speech, music and noise. It can be diegetic (part of the story world) or non-diegetic (external to that world).

Question 5:


is the process of capturing moving images on film and the development of these images.

Question 6:

The portion of the plot that lays out important story events and character traits in the opening situation is called the ______

Question 7:

Often the emotions that are represented in film prompt an identical response in the viewer.


Question 8:

What we see on the surface of the film is the explicit meaning of the film, ______

meaning is to say that it lies beneath the surface.

Question 9:


in film is subordinate to the causal chain: what is shown; omitted, chronology, etec. Will all be dependent on expressing the cause-effect chain most effectively.

Question 10:

At the end or near the end, a scene will seek to resolve main issues by way of a ______

some specific agent who purports to be telling us important details of the story.

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