I don't have time to read RebeccaChoose oneRebecca

 by Daphne du Maurier before the semester ends, please help if you've read it or can read fast, I have ADD and can't focus!

 of the Reader Response Essay questions below. Answer the question in no fewer than four paragraphs. Be sure your thesis is a direct answer to the essay question and that you support you answer fully and completely by using quotations from the text. A complete response will also include an explanation of your answer from your observations, experiences, or other readings.

A. Could the plot of  make sense if the setting was America in the 21st century? Why or why not? What has changed about our history and culture? What has remained the same?

B. Compare and contrast the three fully developed female characters (Mrs. de Winter, Mrs. Danvers, and Rebecca). What about society works for or against them? What can be learned about the roles expected of women in the time period it was published—1938?

C. The characters in the novel are full of secret motivations. Explain the underlying thoughts, fears, and motivations of the narrator—the second Mrs. de Winter.

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