Hi I need someone to write a reflective essay for English 3: Part 2...

Hi I need someone to write a reflective essay for English 3: Part 2 (EN032)

Reflective Essay Assignment 

Frederic Henry's perspective and attitude about war changes drastically in this story by Hemingway.  How and why does Henry's change happen? Write reflective essay in which you explain Henry's change in thinking about war and connect this to a personal experience where you underwent a significant change of perspective, how and why this change happened, and how this benefited your life. 

The essay's thesis statement and body contents should refer to A Farewell to Arms and clearly state the connection. The conclusion should refer back to A Farewell to Arms too. 

Note: Henry's change in perspective about war has nothing to do with Catherine or romance!  

Thesis statement:  Your introduction's thesis statement must include story title and author (A Farewell to Arms by Hemingway), the controlling ideas of Henry's change and your change, and why this is important. Do not use announcements such as "In this essay...".

The essay should be 1 typed page in length and include essay structure with an introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs. Proofread and edit carefully for correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Essay Structure:

Introduction (full paragraph)

Engage audience with hook

Include preview of main points

Place the thesis statement as your last sentence

Body (make each section in full paragraph form)

Balance the general with the specific, every time you make a claim follow it up with an illustration of an explanation of specific element within the claim or concrete evidence that support that claim.

Conclusion (full paragraph)

Summarize main points. End memorably

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