Use the passage below to answer the question. Though he gained fame...

Use the passage below to answer the question.

Though he gained fame as a magician and escape artist, Harry Houdini, born in Ehrich Weisz, was also well-known in skeptic of spiritual practices.

After his mother died in 1913, he tried to contact her through a medium at a séance and saw through the medium's sleight-of-hand tricks.

He launched a public champion against so-called mystics. His 1923 book. A magician among the spirits, accused mediums of defrauding grieving people and explained how common séance Illusions were performed. He put his stage show on hold that year to go on a lecture tour supporting the book.

By 1925, he was offering $10,000 to any medium whose tricks he couldn't figure out. He never had to pay up.

1.     Which of the following words from the passage indicates a sequence of events?

a)    After

b)   Though

c)    Also

d)   Against

2.     Which of the following words is a synonym for "defrauding" as used in the passage?

a)    Depriving

b)   Denying

c)    Deceiving

d)   Debunking

3.     Which of the following statements explains why Houdini never had to pay out on his $10,000 wager?

a)    He saw through the mediums sleight-of-hand tricks.

b)   His book didn't make enough money to fund The Wager.

c)    He was never fooled by a medium who challenged him.

d)   He explained how mediums performed common séance illusions. 

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