tell no one quiz chapter 4 - 7 2 points  


Who appeared at the Memorial Charitable fund that wasn't supposed to be there?

  1. A.Edward
  2. B.Larry Gandle
  3. C.Allison
  4. D.Shauna

2 points  


What is Griffin Scope's philosophy if someone attacks you or your family?

  1. A.You don't sit back when you or a loved one is being assaulted.
  2. B.If someone hurt you, mercy and pity must be put aside.
  3. C.You eliminate the enemy.
  4. D.All of the above

2 points  


What bad news did Larry Gandle have for Griffin Scope?

  1. A.Beck is asking Hoyt about the condition of Elizabeth's body.
  2. B.The two men we hired eight years ago to perform a certain task have been found dead and buried by the lake.
  3. C.The two men we hired eight years ago to perform a certain task moved across the country and changed identities.
  4. D.The two men we hired eight years ago to perform a certain task have been hired to kill Randall Scope.

2 points  


Larry informs Griffin that they have kept tabs on the men in her life. Who is Larry referring to? Choose all that apply.

  1. A.Mark
  2. B.Grandpa Beck
  3. C.David Beck
  4. D.Hoyt Parker


Larry said, "I've kept tabs on the men in her life." Who is the "her" Larry is referring to in that statement?

  1. A.Linda
  2. B.Shauna
  3. C.Allison
  4. D.Elizabeth


  1. What instructions does Griffin give Larry at the end of chapter 7?

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