1.Which is most likely to require a citation? easily verifiable...

1.Which is most likely to require a citation?

easily verifiable fact

your own experience as a student

widely known fact

idea from your field of study?

2.With regard to researching and writing a paper with proper

citations, which behavior is least risky?

assuming that you need to memorize citation formats

brining in citations when you doubt thy are necessary

cutting and pasting from websites into your notes

disregarding instruction and not asking for help

3.With regard to citing and attribution, which is least likely

to appropriate in academic settings?

including citation information for another's material used in a


citing both text and an image

using an inline comment to cite the source code

a shout out to the person whose idea was used

4.Which is the best definition of attribution?

rephrasing the ideas found in a resource

synthesizing various resources to support a main idea

acknowledging and giving credit to another

adhering to a particular citation style

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