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Read the essay and answer the questions below. My JOB CHOICE ESSAY

Providing care from babies to adults, nurses have major responsibilities and play a major role in the everyday life of many people. Nursing has a variety of sub-categories that range from registered nurses to nurse practitioners. Nursing requires a variety of skills and characteristics that is learned in both college, everyday life, and work experience. To understand and become more informed on my journey to become a neonatal nurse, I researched on the requirements needed to become a neonatal nurse. For my research, I used the Georgia State University's online library database to find sources that directly answers to the requirements for a career as a neonatal nurse.

            Most careers require some level of higher education, nursing is no different. According to Nurse Practitioner Schools, a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree and a licensure as registered nurse is needed to start my career as a neonatal nurse. Obtaining my BSN degree fulfills the education requirement to begin pursing a RN licensure. Nurses also have to be certified and "...each NNP must hold certification as both a registered nurse (RN) and an advanced practice registered nurse" ("Nurse Practitioner Schools"). A RN licensure means have completed the requirements of holding a BSN or an associate degree in nursing and passing the NCLEX-RN exam. The NCLEX exam is used to test the competency of nursing school graduates in the U.S.(NCSBN) After passing the NCLEX-RN exam, I will be a registered nurse. I can begin to work and take part in professional experiences in neonatal care clinics.

           Once I am registered nurse, I will have to become confident in myself because of the many responsibilities, skills, and tasks I will have. The many responsibilities and skills of a neonatal nurse range from knowledge to technology. The technology skills needed includes knowing how to use data entry software, email software, and medical software (O*Net Online). The skills and abilities I need are problem sensitivity, deductive and inductive reasoning, and social perceptiveness. The tasks I will have to complete range from maintaining records to monitoring patients and administer medication to patients. I will have to be well honed and knowledgeable of the latest neonatal technologies in order to manage the newborn's lives. Being a neonatal nurse, I will have to work closely with mothers, newborns, and families (Ferguson's Career Guidance Center).

           During my research, the topic of salary was one of the questions to be answered. The salary of a neonatal depends on many things but according to one of my sources, "Salary is determined by many factors, including nursing specialty, education, place of employment, shift worked, geographic location, and work experience" (Ferguson's Career Guidance Center).The job of a registered nurse had a median annual income of $73,000. A neonatal nurse can expect to earn more, especially when advancing to administrative positions, "the average salary of a RN in the neonatal intensive care unit was $79,000 in April 2009, according to (Ferguson's Career Guidance Center)". With the high beginning salary for this occupation, its logical for a neonatal nurse with some experience to earn more than the national median for all registered nurses.

           After completing my research, I feel my career choice of being a neonatal nurse is worth the commitment to many school years and has made me excited for my future. Being enrolled in Georgia State University, it has one of the best nursing programs in the state of Georgia. I enjoyed researching and finding out the requirements needed to have my dream career be made a reality in the future.


( Questions regarding the essay above.)

1. Was the introduction and conclusion effective in making this section stand alone as an essay? Why or why not? What changes do you propose to make the introduction and conclusion more successful?

2. Did you get a clear indication of how the writer conducted their research? Tell how one piece of research helped or was ineffective in supporting the thesis of this essay, and why.

3. Name something they did well, and why. 

4. Name something they need to improve, and why.

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Read the essay and answer the questions below. My JOB CHOICE ESSAY Providing care from babies to adults, nurses have major responsibilities and play...
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