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Example 1 "Freedom," John Ruskin  You will send your child, will...

Example 1

"Freedom," John Ruskin 

You will send your child, will you, into a room where the table is loaded with sweet wine and fruit-some poisoned, some not?-you will say to him, "Choose freely, my little child! It is so good for you to have freedom of choice; it forms your character-your individuality! If you take the wrong cup or the wrong berry, you will die before the day is over, but you will have acquired the dignity of a free child."

1. What is the speaker's tone in this passage (consider his apparent feelings about young children having freedom)? Underline three words that impact the tone. 

A) sincere/honest 

B) sarcastic/mocking 

C) joyful/rejoicing

Example 2

The Way Things Work, David Macaulay 

The kind of nuclear reaction that happens inside a nuclear reactor is called nuclear fission. The fuel is uranium or plutonium, two very heavy elements which have many protons and neutrons in their nuclei. Fission starts when a fast moving neutron strikes a nucleus. The nucleus cannot take in the extra neutron, and the whole nucleus breaks apart into two smaller nuclei.

2. What is Macaulay's tone in this passage? Underline three words that impact the tone. 

A) uncertain/confused 

B) scared/apprehensive 

C) factual/unbiased

Example 3

Frankenstein, Mary Shelley 

"I am not mad," [the monster] cried energetically, "the sun and the heavens, who have viewed my operations, can bear witness of my truth. I am the assassin of those most innocent victims; they died by my machinations. A thousand times would I have shed my own blood, drop by drop, to have saved their lives; but I could not, my father, indeed I could not sacrifice the whole human race."

3. The speaker in this passage is the monster. What is the speaker's tone? Underline three words that impact the tone. 

A) sorry/remorseful 

B) angry/vindictive 

C) humorous/happy

Example 4

Dave Barry's Greatest Hits, Dave Barry 

"You never found out why these men spend so much time shaking hands [in beer commercials]. Maybe shaking hands is just their simple straightforward burly masculine American patriotic way of saying to each other: "Floyd, I am truly sorry I drank all that beer last night and went to the bathroom in your glove compartment."

4. What is the speaker's tone in explaining the relationships between men as they are portrayed in beer commercials? Underline three words that impact the tone.

A) serious 

B) humorous 

C) angry

Example 5

"Polish War Song," Percival 

Freedom calls you! Quick, be ready

Rouse ye in the name of God,

Onward, onward, strong and steady,

Dash to earth the oppressor's rod. Freedom calls, ye brave! 

Rise and spurn the name of a slave.

5. What is the speaker's tone in this poem? How does the speaker feel about going to war? Underline three words that impact the tone.

A) eager/motivated 

B) bitter/resentful 

C) fearful/reluctant

Example 6

Angela's Ashes, Frank McCourt

"Look at what he did. Throwin' up his First Communion breakfast. Throwin' up the body and blood of Jesus. I have God in me backyard. What am I goin' to do? I'll take him to the Jesuits for they know the sins of the Pope himself."

She dragged me through the streets of Limerick. She told the neighbors and passing strangers about God in her backyard.

"In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been a day since me last confessions."

"A day? And what sins have you committed in a day, my child?" 

"I overslept. I nearly missed my First Communion. My grandmother said I have standing up, North of Ireland, Presbyterian hair. I threw up my First Communion breakfast. Now Grandma says she has God in her backyard and what should she do."

6. The speaker's tone as he looks back on and describes this childhood memory is __.  

    Underline three words that impact the tone.

A) repentant/embarrassed 

B) proud/arrogant 

C) amused/entertained

Example 7

For Whom the Bell Tolls, Hemingway

"Afterwards we will be as one animal of the forest and be so close that neither one can  

tell that one of us is one and not the other. Can you not feel my heart be your heart?" 

whispered Nick."

7. What tone does Hemingway's main character, Nick, take towards his girlfriend? 

Underline three words that impact the tone.

A) romantic/sentimental 

B) friendly/playful 

C) scornful/ contemptuous

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