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1. Which of the following sentences, if added after sentence 1, would effectively Use this Passage "Many people living near the Mississippi River." to answer engage the audience to want to know what prompted the writer's change of questions 1-8 heart regarding mayflies? (1) Many people living near the Mississippi River see mayflies as a nuisance. (2) The mayflies' sudden O Nuisances can be either permanent or temporary. entrance to life in the air, their languid flying and resting on objects at their convenience, and their deaths seemed a bother to humans. (3) Adult mayflies' short lifespans are at the heart O This river, however, offers beautiful scenery to nature lovers. of the problem. (4) Throughout a couple of weeks each summer, the nymphs (juvenile mayflies), which have developed underwater for the past few months, O And all bugs seem to be nuisances to humans. hatch into millions of mature mayflies with nonfunctioning mouths. (5) These adult mayflies mate, lay eggs on and near the water, and then die O I was one of those people. within a day or two, sometimes in piles multiple feet high that create treacherous driving conditions for humans. (6) These perishing insects impact nondriving humans as well by collecting on air O I have lived on this river for three years. conditioner compressors and the like, often preventing them from functioning. (7) In fact, often street lights are shut off in order to decrease the number of CLEAR ALL mayflies congregating near them. (8) And, believe it ne not the wines and skin of mayflies cause an

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