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Read the excerpt from America's First President: George...

Read the excerpt from America's First President: George Washington:

The Road to the Presidency

(7) Years after the war, Washington knew that the structure of government was not working. States were fighting over boundaries and refusing to help pay off the debt that the nation had developed during the war. Washington knew that something had to be done. In 1786, after a major clash erupted in Massachusetts, Congress decided that a convention be held in Philadelphia. In 1787, Washington was asked to attend the Constitutional Convention. Congress wanted him to give input on drafting the new constitution. It was during this convention that the constitutional amendments were developed. It also inspired discussion about who the leader of the nation should be.

(8) Washington's impressive leadership led the delegates to believe that he was by far the most qualified for the position. On January 7, 1789, he unanimously won the leadership election. George Washington had become the first president of the United States.

Read the article Birth of a Nation:

(1) It soon became clear that the end of the Revolutionary War was just the beginning. The young nation faced the aftermath of war—growing debts with no one to pay them. Although the Articles of Confederation had worked during the Revolution, it was clear to the country's leaders that the nation would fail unless something was done.

(2) A meeting was called in Philadelphia to address the problems facing the government. The goal was to reorganize the government to serve Americans better. George Washington, the hero of the Revolutionary War, was one of the leaders in attendance. During the war, Washington had proven his dedication to American independence. His ability to listen and consider all of the facts before forming a conclusion was admired by many state leaders. They valued his opinions. These qualities led the members of the convention to elect Washington as leader of the convention. It was his responsibility to guide the other members toward an agreement about how the new government should work.

(2) For months, Washington listened to speeches and arguments. He believed that, in order to work, the national government needed to be stronger than state governments. However, he was careful not to let his opinion sway the other leaders. Instead, he guided the other members toward their own conclusions. Eventually, an agreement was reached, and the U.S. Constitution was written.

Question: Which of the following details is presented similarly in both texts?

A.)  George Washington wanted to change the style of government after the Revolutionary War.

B.) The clash in Massachusetts led to the need for the Constitutional Convention.

C.) The U.S. government had problems after the Revolutionary War, such as debts.

D.) Washington was responsible for helping the members of the convention reach an agreement.

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