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This week, you will develop an introduction paragraph for your Definition essay, including a thesis statement. To complete this assignment:

Choose a term related to your field of study. Here are some examples to get you started.
Business - management, accountability, cost-benefit, cash flow
Criminal Justice - forensics, doubt, evidence, intent
Medical - code, pharmacology, medicinal, condition
Paralegal - interpretation, brief, litigious, malfeasance
Accounting - absorption, passive activity, target, hedge
Computer Science - binary, RAM, keystroke, algorithm
Refer to a dictionary and thesaurus to fully understand the basic definition of the word.
Research the etymology (the study of the origins of words) and examples of how the word is used today to expand on the definition.
Make sure the paper includes information on the origins and etymology of the word, as well as its various uses.
For your thesis statement, consider using the basic definition, the etymology, and how the word is used today as your three support points.
Using Microsoft Word, prepare your introduction paragraph that follows APA guidelines and includes:

A title page.
One double-spaced paragraph introducing your definition and including a clear thesis statement.
An APA style Reference list and in-text citations for any sources you use (including dictionaries and thesauruses).
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