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I need help on this paper. I need to make this paper at least 1000...

I need help on this paper. I need to make this paper at least 1000 words and fix my grammar. Thanks

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Nothing is Easy January 4th of 1941 one of the greatest person on this world was born. His name is Carlos Flores Perla, my father. His childhood was normal keeping in mind that he was born in El Salvador, a third world country full of controversy. As a child, he went to school until third grade. One of the main reasons why he had to stop going to school was because her mom was a single mom and since he was the first son out of three, he had to work. He helped a farmer in his farm by sowing sugar cane, coffee, and plantains. By the age of 19 he bought a cow. He started to build up a name on his own. By the age of 25 he bought his first property and build his first house where he moved in with his first wife. He had a total of six children with his first wife. At the age of 40 he entered the politics at his hometown and became the major of that city. He wasn’t able to finish his term because the civil war in El Salvador happened. In El Salvador, what the guerrilla was doing to the majors of every city was to kidnap them and kill them. Therefore, he decided to move out of the city into a new different country, Belize. In the way to Belize, he took his now second wife and they form a little village along with him and all of his siblings. Coming to Belize, was hard for him since it was a different language that they spoke there and different currency as well. His wife was pregnant and one of the things he didn’t wanted to happen was for his child to born somewhere else. They went back to El Salvador to have their child and once they got the birth certificate of the child, they went back to Belize. They all stood there for almost two years and then they moved back to San Salvador. They decided to move there because it was the safest place in the country. Then, once everything got settle around the country they went east of the capital and finally settled there. With his 8th kid on the way, he decides to sell most of the land that he had in his hometown to the people that fought during the war. After the peace treaty between the guerrilla and the government in 1992, I was born in mid 1993. Here in US, the baby boom happened after WWII and in El Salvador was after the civil war. He then in the late 1990’s ran to be the major of his hometown again and won. As a major the most significant project that he did was to pave the most transitated roads of that city. He finish his term this time and have never run for anything else. He still lives there where I left him after departing for a brighter future. He goes to his farm everyday, sells milk and cheese. After a long talk over the phone he said “My favorite thing here in El Salvador right now is the farm”. I just remember the last words he said to me once I moved here “Nothing is easy, just work hard so they become easy”.
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