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Frankenstein Application Essay. Please Original work only and see...

Frankenstein Application Essay. Please Original work only and see the attachments for Assignment. Thanks

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The Frankenstein Application Essay For this assignment you will write your Frankenstein 1 application essay. You are required to submit only your final draft for this assignment though we encourage all students to take advantage of the additional feedback a draft can provide. Use grader feedback, along with the course lessons and your own ideas, to revise your optional draft prior to submitting the required final copy. Literary works like Frankenstein explore the “human condition” or experiences that humans encounter. The study guides for Frankenstein offer several “Real Life Considerations” meant to help you critically analyze the applications of the work's themes in today's world. Now, you will choose one of these topics and explore it using secondary resources to learn more about the novel and its relevant social topics. You might find information about social issues in familiar sources such as magazines, newspapers, or social science journals. Make sure your sources are credible—you do not want a random website or an encyclopedic website such as Wikipedia. 2 Your sources will preferably be a scholarly ones. Here are some ideas of places where you might find appropriate sources for this assignment: Internet Public Library: Google Scholar : (note that this is different from regular Google) Microsoft Academic Search : Cornell University’s arXiv (open access sources in math, biology, physics, and other fields): Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE) : Your local library Your thesis statement and paper must address both the literary qualities and the social issues as you evaluate the novel, Frankenstein . However, keep in mind, your essay does not have to answer ALL of the questions listed under each topic. Only answer the questions you feel are the most relevant to the thesis statement you choose. Develop your essay so it has a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Ensure that each of your claims is supported with valid evidence from the novel, Frankenstein , and at least three other credible external sources . 3 Using proper MLA style, insert parenthetical citations and signal phrases for all borrowed information in addition to a Works Cited page for Frankenstein and your chosen external sources. You have several options for this assignment: 1 Remember to italicize titles of books. Thus, if you are referring to this book’s title, you should italicize it as Frankenstein . However, if you are talking about Frankenstein the character, it will not be italicized (e.g., Victor Frankenstein is the main character in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein .) 2 Tip: Part of your grade will be assessed based on credibility of your sources. 3 Failure to use the minimum source requirement will constitute a severe point deduction .
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Sample 1 Student Sample English Composition II Application Essay Option #6 27 June 2014 [Note this MLA-style date format: Day Month Year] Nature v. Nurture: The Monstrous Journey of Frankenstein’s Creation Self-help guru Vironika Tugaleva, author of The Love Mindset , has written that “Day after day, more and more medications are prescribed for depression and addiction, assuming that these things run in our blood, when really they run in our patterns of awareness” (“Quotes About”). In other words, Tugaleva purports that nurture (environment), as opposed to nature (genes), is the real culprit in determining human personality. The nature v. nurture debate is one of the most enduring arguments in the field of psychology. Proponents of the nature theory believe that predetermined genetics ultimately dictate the bulk of one's personality and decisions. On the other hand, advocates of the nurture theory remain convinced that parental care and environmental factors have more effect on how we eventually turn out. Likewise, Mary Shelley's sole work, Frankenstein, addresses the conflict of nature v. nurture and questions whether children are the product of their natural genetic makeup or the environment in which they are raised; the author makes a strong case for how nurture (or lack thereof) can have drastic effects on the psyche. From the initial abandonment by his creator, to the familial rejection of the De Laceys, to Victor’s creation and subsequent destruction of the Creature’s would-be companion, this unfortunate being had little chance to become kind and gentle. Most people with any level of familiarity with this famous novel know the premise: Victor Frankenstein, a scientist, attempts to create a living human being using various cadaver Commented [SL1]: Remember that your MLA-style heading should be double-spaced, just like the rest of the essay, and you also need a page number header that includes your last name (at the top, right-hand corner) Commented [SL2]: A two-part title (separated with a colon) is a good strategy. This approach works best with a catchy part, coupled with a more straightforward indication of what your essay will argue Commented [SL3]: It’s a great idea to open your essay with something interesting to get the reader’s attention. A quotation, a statistic, an anecdote—these are just a few of the possible strategies you can use here. The bottom line: Avoid jumping directly into your topic. You need a smooth opening. Commented [SL4]: If you visit the Works Cited list, you should find a reference that starts with this phrase—“Quotes About.” Skim the list alphabetically to locate this reference. Commented [SL5]: If you’re talking about the NOVEL, you must italicize this word. But if you’re referring to the MAN (Victor), it will NOT be capitalized. Commented [SL6]: A successful Application thesis will describe the social issue you’ve chosen to address, the author’s stance on this issue, and how well the author makes her case. Commented [SL7]: This part of the thesis provides a roadmap to the essay’s main supporting points Commented [SL8]: It is usually advisable to start with a very brief synopsis of the novel anytime you are writing an essay that deals with a piece of literature—just be sure to avoid too much summary. Keep it brief, just enough to provide context. This is the point of this second introductory paragraph.
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