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Follow the requirement, modify the review 2. Check grammar and...

Follow the requirement, modify the review 2. Check grammar and logic. Check the APA format

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Reading Reviews This course covers 12 topics over the course of the semester (see course schedule). You are responsible for submitting one Reading Review every two weeks covering either of the topics discussed during the previous two weeks. A total of six Reviews will be submitted. Reviews must be submitted before the start of the next two week period. Be prepared to discuss your assignment in class so have your assignment available. Each Review assignment must be comprised of at least three referenced sources , which you may choose from books, technical press, major news sources, trade publications, journals, the Internet, etc. (Wikipedia is not an acceptable source and will not count as one of the three required sources.) Be sure to check out Marshall’s online library resources. Reviews must be your original work. They may be electronically checked. Each section is worth from 0-5 points, for a total of 25 available points for each Review assignment. Reviews must be thorough enough that the reader understands the topic, the articles, and your analysis and conclusions. References must be in APA format. Each Review must include your name, review assignment number (1-6), and date at the top of the first page. The following sections must be included and labeled with the below headings. Introduction - Two paragraphs providing background information about the subject you chose. Also, include why you chose this topic with these particular sources. This section must be written in past tense with no personal pronouns, contractions, or slang. If you must refer to yourself, you may refer to yourself as “the author”, but do not use this more than once or twice in the entire paper. Literature Review - Two paragraphs discussing and summarizing the content of your readings (remember to use a minimum of three). Integrate each of your sources in the review, i.e., do not discuss each reading independently. Organize by topic rather than by resource. Use in-text references per APA and write it in past tense. The APA manual provides instruction for how to write a report/manuscript and cite references. Be sure to read that manual carefully. If you use outside sources to proofread your work, be sure they also follow the APA format. You are responsible for knowing how to write in this format – this is essential to practice in preparation for TM699, your Capstone Project. Analysis/Results - Two paragraphs containing your analysis or results, opinion, etc. about the readings. This may be in present tense. Here is where you can freely express how you feel about the topics and resources you used. Conclusions – Two paragraphs to conclude/summarize the review. Be sure to discuss how the subject and readings relate to this IT Strategies course; Technology Management; what impact the topic could have on IT and the field you are interested in; and relate to your current or future professional, academic, and/or personal life. This section is in present tense. References (APA Style – See Resources below) – Cite the three (or more) sources you used in your review. Be sure to use the proper APA format (both in-text and in the Reference listing)
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1 Yu Kang Assignment 2 02.15.2015 The Review of the Internet Introduction Today, people could find internet everywhere. Business used internet. Entertainment used internet, Military used internet. What is more, Education and Health also used internet. Education and Health had significant effects on young people and students. There were three resources in this article. One was talking about that how the internet helped people improve the management of diabetes in teenagers and one was showing that internet could help patient-doctor communication and improve the doctors and patients’ self-management. another one was talking about that how the internet could be used for teaching in education area. Literature Review The first source, Harris, Hood, and Mulvaney (2012) talked about it was challenging for managing the type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) individually for adolescence. Internet and mobile technology could help people manage the type 1 diabetes mellitus, especially for adolescence. The second source, Fonseca, Costa- pereira, Delgado, Fernandes, and Castel-Branco (2006) presented that Internet or mobile technology had good effects on the patients and doctors’ communications. Authors also did analysis and found asthma patients were willing to use internet and mobile technology to support self-management. Internet not only helped people’s health but also helped people’s education. The third source, Walling (2012) suggested people combined classroom devices, internet,
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