I need to create the following sentences for my ENG225 class....

I need to create the following sentences for my ENG225 class. Please see attachment.

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Directions: In a new Word doc (for online students) or on paper, rewrite the following sentences to incorporate the you attitude. A Example: I am pleased to inform you that you won a prize. Revised: Congratulations! You have won a prize. 1. We received your shipment of modems yesterday. 2. I need you to confirm these dates with John Bates and Melissa Torres. 3. I have included your name on the active alumni database. 4. I am giving you a bonus for your energy-saving suggestion. 5. We offer three billing options from which you may choose. 6. We appreciate your buying our products. 7. We think your quarterly report will become a useful document as you plan your investments. 8. I am glad you promptly returned my call. B Directions: Change the negative statements below to positive statements. Example: Please do not forget to lock the door. Revised: Please remember to lock the door. 1. Do not use the I/We approach in your messages. 2. Do not hesitate to call us when you need additional information. 3. Never fail to clean your work area before you leave each day. 4. We do not make exchanges for purchases without receipts. 5. You can’t make deposits after 2:30 p.m. 6. You should not misspell names in a message. 7. Don’t neglect reading your daily management tip email. Directions: Change the sexist terms/statements below to gender-free sentences. C Example: I had a police man come to my door. A police officer came to my door.
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