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The following paragraph contains eleven errors. Find each misused...

The following paragraph contains eleven errors. Find each misused word. please help I only found 8!!!


The original United States Declaration of Independence sets in a case at the Rotunda for the Charters of

Freedom as part of the National Archives in Washington, DC. Since 1952, over one million visitors each year

of passed through the Rotunda too snap a photograph to capture they’re experience. Although signs state,

“No Flash Photography,” forgetful tourists leave the flash on, an a bright light flickers for just a millisecond.

This millisecond of light may not seem like enough to effect the precious document, but supposed how

much light could be generated when all those milliseconds are added up. According to the National

Archives administrators, its enough to significantly damage the historic document. So, now, the signs

display quit a different message: “No Photography.” Visitors continue to travel to see the Declaration that

began are country, but know longer can personal pictures serve as mementos. The administrators’

compromise, they say, is a visit to the gift shop for a preprinted photograph

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