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I need somebody to edit this 2 page paper for me and make it sound...

I need somebody to edit this 2 page paper for me and make it sound more sophisticated and advanced (bigger words) and expand some more if possible. 

Also, if you can read the quotes and see if my explanations make sense, if not, please edit

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Smith 1 Kali Smith Professor Garver PHL 23 October 2015 Reflection 2: Chapter 3 In The Trouble With Tolerance by Stanley Fish, Stanley wrote about the mergence of tolerance as a central political and social category. Tolerance can be defined as the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with. Stanley stated: Once a group has rejected tolerance as a guiding principle and opted instead for the cultural imperatives of the church or the tribe, it becomes a candidate for intolerance that will be performed in the name of tolerance; and at that moment any action against it – however violent – is justified (Stanley). This quote from Stanley is clearly starting that in the name of tolerance, if anybody acts out of character there could be consequences, which could possibly include a form of violence. Stanley also stated “liberal tradition he initiated, tolerance, rather than being a wholly benevolent and inclusive practice, is an engine of exclusion and a technology of regulation” (Stanley). This means that tolerance, which should have been originally something, that
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