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process analysis essay-please look at feedback and correct please...

process analysis essay-please look at feedback and correct please

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Melissa Bullitt 22255833 25020200 7700 Apple Mill Place Louisville, Kentucky 40228 [email protected] 1 Dear Melissa, Thank you for submitting this draft of your process analysis. While the content you included is interesting and gives a good idea of your busy life, it does not illustrate the qualities of a process analysis assignment. I am returning this draft ungraded so that you can revise and resubmit. For this paper, you will review the ideas from 050177 to determine three ways in which you have learned to balance your schedule. Once you have determined those, you will write this essay about the strategies you use to balance your time. For instance, do you utilize an app? Do you create a giant calendar? Do you color code a calendar you already have? Do you prioritize your time in a certain way? Do you use lists or charts? Once you know that, you will take those ideas, and write about how they have helped you and why you use them, so other people might be able to figure out how to balance their schedules. This essay requires organization that is different from your prewriting exam. I. It should include a clear introduction, 3-4 body paragraphs, and a clear conclusion. II. Your introduction should briefly introduce you and your typical time commitments (home, school, work, family). It should also transition into a strong thesis statement that tells your reader what the three main steps of your process are. For instance: “In order to balance my time and accomplish my school work, I … (state your three steps).” This would be a typical thesis statement. III. Each body paragraph should address one aspect of your plan / process (as you state in your thesis). The body of the paper should walk your reader through your process, one step at a time. Finish this sentence: “The first step to balancing my studies with family life is….” By finishing this sentence you clearly stated your first step. Also, there is transitional wording in the beginning of the sentence to help guide your reader to the first step. This is a clear example of a topic sentence for your body paragraphs – you could use this type of opening for each step of your plan. IV. Your conclusion should reiterate the importance of your plan, recap main points, and offer any hopeful insight you have to your audience (other online students). If you have questions, please be in touch with us at the school. In this thing called life, we get thrown curveballs when it comes to our plans. Whether it's in our careers or in my case, my education, 25% of life is about how you respond to whatever comes your way and the other 25% is reflected on your level of self- Formatted: Indent: First line: 0.5"
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