I need this in with in 2 hours. If anybody is interested please...

I need this in with in 2 hours. If anybody is interested please help me.

What were the elements of plot for the following pieces of literature? You will earn 5 points for each of the complete responses.  

Godfather Death The Brothers Grimm

Harlem Langston Hughes

The Road Not Taken Robert Frost

Facing It Yusef Komunyakaa


Exposition, Rising Action, Conflict, Falling Action, Plot, Theme, and Moral

Which of the poems that we read this semester most spoke to you and why? ("The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock")

Please respond in 50-75 words.

In 100-150 words, how would you summarize the major themes of Jami Brandli 's play, Technicolor Life?

In 150-250 words, discuss how the play Technicolor Life, first produced in 2014/2015, shows its age? In what ways (topics addressed) does it seem dated and in what ways does it seem remarkably new?

What is the significance of Woman #1 and Woman #2 in Maxine's mind and development? What do they suggest about female roles?

Discuss the following themes, structures, and narrative frames in Technicolor Life

Women's Roles

Women in Combat

Returning from the Iraq War

Final Exit and Right to Die Movement

Technicolor as a Film Reference (what is the method and how does it compliment the play?

Discuss the following in 100-150 words: In William Shakespeare's play Othello, how essential to the play is the fact that Othello is a black man, a Moor, and not a native of Venice. 

Discuss the following in 150-250 words: Does the downfall of Othello proceed from any flaw in his nature, or is his downfall entirely the work of Iago?

Examine the role of jealousy, love, and/or betrayal in the play.

Pick from one of the following characters (Iago, Othello, Desdemona) as it relates to one of the following characters (Bianca, Roderigo, Brabantio). 

You will pair the characters for each of the three discussions.

For example: Roderigo and Othello; Desdemona and Bianca; Iago and Brabantio

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