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In what way do you "re-vision" or "re-see" the paper as you rewrite...

In what way do you "re-vision" or "re-see" the paper as you rewrite it? What do you look for in the introduction? What should the body of the essay be doing? What is the purpose of the conclusion? How is revision different from editing? Give examples from the revision you will do for this week’s assignment. (100 words)

Does this revision process differ from the one you use? What is the most important revision process you see in this posting? How might this change your revision strategy? (50 words).

This week is midterms and I am going to need your help, can I set up a apportionment with you Thursday or Friday to make sure you will be available to help me out? I will only have a two hour window to ask you a question and then submit my final answer. It would be nice to know that I could count on you. I will make it worth your time. What time zone are you in?

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