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hi! I have to write a letter to persuade a company to come to...

hi! I have to write a letter to persuade a company to come to expand or relocate in North Dakota. But I have no idea how to start the first sentence and how can I start to introduce ND. Could you guys help me do the outline for this letter?

Here is my assignment

Task: As the Communication Director of the North Dakota Commerce Cabinet, you play the lead role in reaching out to companies that want to expand or relocate to North Dakota.  Visit the website and review the following tabs: Tourism, Experience ND, Economic Development & Finance, Community Services and Workforce Development.


Identify the major benefits the state uses to promote North Dakota as a great place to locate a business. Summarize these reasons in a one-page persuasive letter that will be sent to business executives throughout the country.


Be sure to introduce yourself (ethos) and your purpose in the letter. Integrate emotional appeal (pathos) to supplement your rationale (logos).  Close with a compelling call to action.


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