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Can I get this paper answered. The reference text is White Space is...

Can I get this paper answered. The reference text is White Space is Not Your Enemy: A Beginner's Guide toCommunicating Visually through Graphic, Web & Multimedia Design  by Kim Golombisky and Rebecca Hagen  Focal Press (c) 2010

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Name : Score : Points = % = /100% CMST 295 – Fundamentals of Digital Media This is an open book style test, which means you may use your class materials (textbook and Project Management Tutorial) to answer these ques±ons. Please take your ±me and read each ques±on carefully. Good luck! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 1. Multiple Choice – One (1) Point Each (7 Total Points) InstrucTons: For each of the following ques±ons, please BOLD the answer that BEST answers the ques±on. Example: What is the name of this course? A) CMS± 295 B) CMST 290 C) CMST 300 D) CMST 301 1) You are star±ng a project to design a website for a company that is just star±ng out in business. They have all of their printed materials designed and are beginning a large marke±ng campaign, but need a website too. Which of the following ques±ons should you ask during the interview to be²er de³ne who is the target audience? a. “What are you selling?” b. “Who will purchase this product?” c. “Who is your largest compe±tor?” d. “How do you plan to market this product?” 2) In mee±ng with your latest client, it is di´cult to obtain the necessary informa±on in the interview process. What process would NO± help to gather the informa±on? a. Complete a ques±onnaire b. Show them your por²olio c. Job shadowing d. Process µows/ac±vity diagrams 3) You are working on printed media for an adver±sing campaign which begins in 15 days. You are not sure when all ³les need to be sent to the printer. What document should contain this informa±on? a. Budget b. SMART Goals c. Requirements Analysis
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