Your assignment this week: Make sure your outgoing voice mail...

Your assignment this week:

  1. Make sure your outgoing voice mail message (the one that callers hear when you don't answer your phone) is professional on your home and mobile phones.
  2. Clean-up content on social networking sites that instructors, Career Services, or future employers might visit.
  3. Create a professional e-mail address. (If you already have a professional e-mail address, you don't need to create a new one.)
    • Gmail is one of the most commonly used free e-mail services. If you need to create a professional e-mail address, go to (Links to an external site.). Professionals suggest using your name for a professional e-mail address, for [email protected]. When you set up your account it will inform you if the name combination you select is available. If your first choice is not available, try different combinations (J.Smith@, JSmith@, Jane.S@, etc.) Begin using your professional e-mail address from now on when communicating with the school, peers, Career Services, and with others professionally.
  4. Once you have completed steps 1 through 3, write a substantial paragraph or two detailing what action(s) you took for EACH of the three elements above (voicemail, social media, and e-mail address), and explain why you did so. If your social media, e-mail address, and outgoing voicemail messages are already professional, submit a paragraph explaining how you believe EACH is already professional to show that you reviewed and carefully considered the professionalism of each of these channels as part of this assignment.

Submission Criteria: Submission should be a minimum of 200 words

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RUBRIC FOR THE EVALUATION OF ASSIGNMENTS CRITERIA NEEDS IMPROVEMENT Minimum Points SATISFACTORY Medium Points SUPERIOR Maximum Points CONTENT (70%) The writer does not demonstrate cursory understanding of subject matter, and the purpose of the paper is not stated. The objective, therefore, is not addressed and supporting materials are not correctly referenced. FEWER THAN 49 POINTS The writer demonstrates limited understanding of the subject matter in that theories are not well connected to a practical experience or appropriate examples; attempt to research the topic is evident and materials are correctly referenced. Some opinions/statements aren’t justified completely. 49 to 62 POINTS The writer demonstrates an understanding of the subject matter by clearly stating the objective of the paper and links theories to practical experience. The paper includes relevant material that is correctly referenced, and this material fulfills the objective of the paper. 63 to 70 POINTS ORGANIZATION (10%) Paragraphs do not focus around a central point, and concepts are disjointedly introduced or poorly defended (i.e., stream of consciousness). FEWER THAN 7 POINTS Topics/content could be organized in a more logical manner. Transitions from one idea to the next are often disconnected and uneven. 7 or 8 POINTS The writer focuses on ideas and concepts within paragraphs, and sentences are well-connected and meaningful. Each topic logically follows the objective. The introduction clearly states the objective or ideas leading to the purpose of the paper; a conclusion draws the ideas together. 9 or 10 POINTS SPELLING, GRAMMAR, CAPITALIZATION, PUNCTUATION & CLARITY (20%) Grammar and punctuation are consistently incorrect. Spelling errors are numerous. The writer struggles with limited vocabulary and has difficulty conveying meaning such that only the broadest, most general messages are presented. FEWER THAN 14 POINTS The writer occasionally uses awkward sentence construction or overuses and/or inappropriately uses complex sentence structure. Problems with word usage (e.g., evidence of incorrect use of Thesaurus) and punctuation persist, often causing difficulties with grammar. Ideas may be overstated, and sentences with limited contribution to the subject are included. 14 to 17 POINTS The writer demonstrates correct usage of formal English language in sentence construction. Variation in sentence structure and word usage promotes readability. There are no spelling, punctuation, or word usage errors. Writing is concise, in active voice, and avoids awkward transitions and overuse of conjunctions. 18 to 20 POINTS
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1 COM1010: Introduction to Communications Week 6: Communication Technology COM1010: Introduction to Communications Week 6: Communication Technology
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