Read this passage and answer the questions below.

Literacy is thought of as the ability to read and write. Historically reading and writing involved tools such as pencils and paper. In 1974, Zurkowski used the term "information skills" to refer to skills for solving information problems by using relevant information sources and technology. In the 1980's, after computers became common, a new concept called "information literacy" emerged. In 1989 the Presidential Committee on Information Literacy published a report. This report stated, "To be information literate, a person must be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information."

Librarians are known for helping students find information in a library. Now much more information can be found on the internet than in any library. Librarians and other educators want students to be able to find appropriate information online. The concept of "information literacy" extends beyond just finding information on the Internet to the abilities to determine the appropriateness and validity of the information.

Locating information on the internet is often done with tools called search engines. Students can type any word into a search engine and a list of web pages on which that word occurs will be created. However, the information on all of these websites may not be the right kind of information. Students should learn how to determine if the information fits their needs. Once a student has located the right kind of information on the internet, they should then be able to effectively use the information.

Students should consider four things when evaluating the quality of information. These four things are authority, objectivity, accuracy, and a timeliness. Authority is based on the level of expertise of the writer. For example, a website published by American Dental Association has more authority than one created by a local dentist. Objectivity is degree to which the website presents multiple points of view on a subject. Web sites which provide information from a neutral perspective are more objective than sites created by groups with a bias about the topic. An accurate website is one on which the information is correct. Information which is more recently published may be considered as being timelier. 

A student was assigned to find information on the treatment of acne. She typed "treatment of acne" into a search engine. She explored three websites. One was information from the American Medical Association. The second one was by a company which she had seen advertise an acne treatment on television. The third was a blog on the topic of home remedies for acne. she printed the information from the American Medical Association's website. She determined that it had more authority, objectivity, and accuracy.

It is useful for distance learning students to possess high levels of information literacy because they may frequently have to evaluate the appropriateness of multiple sources of information about the topics they are studying. 

1. Identify the correct sequence of events from the passage.

A. The concept of "information literacy" emerged.

B. Thre Presidential Committee on Information Literacy published a report.

C. Zurkowski used the phrase "information skills"

D. Computers became common

-A, B,D,C




2. Identify the correct sequence of events from this passage.

A.The student determined which site had more authority 

B. The student was assigned to research acne

C. The student reviewed information on three websites

D. The student used a search engine





3. When did the Presidential Committee of Information Literacy publish a report?

-In the early 1980's



-After computers became common

4. Which if the following did the report from the Presidental Committee on Information Literacy NOT conclude:

-Persons should be able to locate information

-Persons should be able to use information

-Persons should be able to evaluate information

-Persons should be able to delete information

5. The student in the passage did not use the blog because:

-It was not as objective as the other possible websites

-It was not as timely as the possible websites

-Some of the people contributing to the blog may have been biased

-Both the first and third choice 

6. The student printed the information from the American Medical Associaton because:

-It had been mentioned on a television commercial

-It had more authority than the other websites

-It was considered more objective than the other websites

-Both the second and third choice

7. In the early 1970's ________ first used the term "information skills"

-The American Medical Association



-The Presidential Committee on Information Literacy

8. A website updated daily could be considered ___________.





9. Which of the following would be the best title for this passage?

-Using a search engine

-An overview of Information Literacy

-How the Internet is making libraries obsolete

-Bad information on the Internet

10. Based on this passage, which of the following is NOT a true statement

-Information used from the Internet should be timely

-The concept of "information literacy" is supported by librarians

-All information that one finds using a search engine is accurate

-The increased usage of computers and the Internet prompted the use of the term "information literacy"


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