Could the plot of Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier make sense if the setting

was America in the 21st century? Why or why not? What has changed about our history and culture? What has remained the same?                

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Summary Rebecca's narratve Takes The form of a Fashback. ±he heroine, who remains nameless, lives in Europe wiTh her husband, Maxim de WinTer, Traveling from hoTel To hoTel, harboring memories of a beautful home called Manderley, which, we learn, has been desTroyed by ²re. ±he sTory begins wiTh her memories of how she and Maxim ²rsT meT, in MonTe Carlo, years before. In her Fashback, The heroine is working as The young Traveling companion To a wealThy American named Mrs. Van Hopper. In her Fashback, Maxim is sTaying aT The same hoTel as The heroine and her employer, and a³er knowing The heroine for only a few weeks, he proposes marriage. She accepTs, and he marries her and Takes her back To his ancesTral esTaTe of Manderley. BuT a dark cloud hangs over Their marriage: Maxim's ²rsT wife, Rebecca, drowned in a cove near Manderley The previous year, and her ghosT haunTs The newlyweds' home. Rebecca's devoTed housekeeper, The sinisTer Mrs. Danvers, is stll in charge of Manderley, and she frighTens and intmidaTes her new misTress. DespiTe The encouragemenT of The house overseer, ´rank Crawley, and Maxim's sisTer, BeaTrice, The heroine sTruggles in her new life aT Manderley. She feels ThaT she can never compare favorably To Rebecca, who was beautful, TalenTed, and brillianT--or so everyone says--and soon she feels ThaT Maxim is stll in love wiTh his dead wife. Manderley Traditonally hosTs a cosTume ball each year, and iT is soon tme for The gala To Take place. SwepT up in The preparatons, The heroine's spiriTs begin To revive. BuT The ball ends in disasTer: on Mrs. Danvers's suggeston she wears a cosTume ThaT, iT Turns ouT, is The same dress ThaT Rebecca wore aT The lasT ball. Upon seeing The heroine, Maxim is horri²ed, and The heroine becomes convinced ThaT he will never love her, ThaT he is stll devoTed To Rebecca. ±he following day, Mrs. Danvers almosT convinces her To kill herself, and she only breaks away from The old woman's spell when rockeTs go oµ over The cove, signaling ThaT a ship has run aground. When divers swim near The grounded ship, They ²nd The wreckage of Rebecca's sailboaT, wiTh Rebecca's dead body in The hold. ±his discovery prompTs Maxim To Tell The heroine The TruTh: Rebecca was a malevolenT, wicked woman, who lived a secreT life and carried on multple aµairs, including one wiTh her cousin, Jack ´avell. On The nighT of her deaTh, Maxim had demanded a divorce, and she had refused, and Told him ThaT she was pregnanT wiTh ´avell's child. ´urious, he seized a gun and shoT her, and Then sailed ouT To The harbor in Rebecca's boaT and sank iT, wiTh The body sTowed safely inside. ±his revelaton resTores The heroine's marriage, and enables her To ²nally shake oµ The burden of Rebecca's ghosT. Meanwhile, however, The noose of justce tghTens around Maxim: ²rsT, iT is found ThaT holes have been drilled in The bo¶om of Rebecca's boaT; luckily The coroner delivers a reporT of suicide, raTher Than murder. BuT soon Rebecca's cousin ´avell, cerTain ThaT Rebecca did noT kill herself, accuses Maxim of The crime. ±he local magisTraTe, Colonel Julyan, investgaTes, and ²nds ThaT on The day of her deaTh, Rebecca wenT up To London To see a DocTor Baker. ´avell, Maxim, and The heroine accompany Julyan To London; The heroine is cerTain ThaT Baker will reveal ThaT Rebecca was pregnanT, Thus revealing Maxim's vengeful motve for murder. BuT insTead, iT Turns ouT ThaT Rebecca was dying of cancer, and ThaT furThermore she was infertle; she had lied To Maxim abouT her pregnancy. Her Terminal illness now supplies a motve for Rebecca's supposed suicide, and Maxim is saved. He and The heroine drive all nighT back To Manderley, sTopping only once, when Maxim calls home and learns ThaT Mrs. Danvers has disappeared. As They cresT The ridge near The mansion, They look down and ²nd iT in Fames.’ ConTexT
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