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Assignment Paper 3 Attached Files:  Argumentative Research...

Assignment Paper 3 Attached Files:

  •  Argumentative Research Paper.doc (68 KB)

PLEASE NOTE that this paper is not due until April 24th, but I wanted to give you the assignment early so you would have plenty of time to work on it.

This paper will be an argumentative, APA documented, research paper.

Regardless of your major, argumentative research papers are the papers professors request most. I want you to get the practice of completing this kind of paper and be adept at creating an argument, addressing your audience, and using APA format to document your research.

The topic list is attached here. You can use the list or come up with your own topic. All I ask is that if you do come up with your own topic that you send it to me for approval.


1. The paper must be 700-800 words in length

2. You must use at least three outside sources to give credibility to your points. Wikipedia and ARE NOT acceptable sources.

3.. The paper must be done in Times New Roman 12 point font and be double spaced.

4. For each new paragraph the first sentence must be indented five spaces.

5. Make sure to proofread for grammar errors as they will result in loss of points. Do not rely only on spellcheck to correct your errors.

6. Make sure to submit this paper as an attachment. It must be submitted as a doc or docx. It can not be an rtf or a jpeg. If you are unsure about saving the assignment correctly and submission, please contact technical support.

Things to have in your paper:

1. An introduction. This will be your first paragraph and contain your thesis statement. The thesis should be the last sentence of the introduction.

2. Well developed body paragraphs. Remember that a paragraph should be approximately 4-8 sentences in length and address one topic and one topic only

3.  A conclusion that wraps up the paper. Do NOT include any new information in your conclusion. Rather sum up and revisit your main point.

4. A complete and properly formatted works cited page.

Things NOT to do:

1. Do not use 1st or 2nd person in this paper. This means you can not use the words I,me,we,us,our, you, and your.

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