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Hi, Read chapters 6 & 9 then answer the questions about it....


Read chapters 6 & 9 then answer the questions about it.

After you finish writing , I'll send to you 1 other student' opinion about chapter 6 to respond it. 

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After reading the chapters, please respond to the following questions: Chapter 6: Question 1: All students are motivated by CHALLENGE! What are you thoughts on this from your own experience and after reading this chapter? Question2: - What is the relationship between CHALLENGE and students who are CLOCK WATCHERS? - Use what you learned from this chapter and your own experiences to respond to this question? Please respond to at least 1 other student!< (course hero’s tutor after you finish writing this chapter, I will send to you 1 other student’ opinion to respond ) Chapter 9: - What is the difference between crisis planning and preparing for communication during a crisis? - What characteristics and skills should be considered when determining a spokesperson for a crisis? - What is the most important ability required? Based on the interview above , - what are your overall thoughts about the interview? - Explain what you think the director did well in responding to the journalist? - What could she have done differently, if anything? Watch Video
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