The assignment is to write a reflection about a Romeo and Juliet ballet

performance held in Schuster Center in Downtown Dayton on  04/03/2016. The university of Dayton, UD, all first-year students have to attend the First Year Arts Immersion. This link,, shows the similar music and similar scene for Romeo and Juliet ballet performance except that the clothes were different. In the attachment, a picture of the actual clothes worn on stage. Down is some notes and the questions that have to be answered. 
costumes made by Chistina Giannini
music as the backdrop by Sergei Prokofiev's 
music conducted by Neal Gittleman and played By Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra providing the 
Choreographer designed by SEPTIME WEBRE 

1. Pick one scene from the ballet and describe it. Who was on stage, what did the costumes look like, what did the lighting look like, what did the music sound like, etc. What was this scene depicting?

2. Describe how the dancers conveyed the emotions of the characters without words. Were they effective or not?

3. How is expressive movement part of what it means to be human?

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