i , I want to summarize from page 8 to 23 in two papers first...

i, I want to summarize from page 8 to 23 in two papers first paragraph Education second paragraph accountability, third one Unobtrusiveness and the last one No effect on Participants.

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T HE C ONUNDRUM OF C AMERAS IN THE C OURTROOM Nancy S. Marder * *. Professor of Law & Director of the Justice John Paul Stevens Jury Center, Chicago- Kent College of Law. I thank Justice Stevens for suggesting this topic to me and for giving me the extraordinary opportunity to serve as his law clerk for two years (1990 1992). I also thank the many judges, in this country and abroad, who have informally shared their views with me. I have had the benefit of discussions with my colleagues at Chicago-Kent, and with Keith Bybee, Erwin Chemerinsky, Jeremy Eden, and Judith Resnik. I am also grateful for comments from participants at conferences where I presented this paper, including the Communications Policy and Research Forum at the University of Technology-Sydney, in Sydney, Australia, the Association of Law, Culture & the Humanities Conference at Boalt Hall in Berkeley, California, the Law & Society Annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada, the Research Committee on Sociology of Law Annual Meeting in Milan, Italy, the Midwest Law & Society Retreat at the University of Wisconsin Law School in Madison, Wisconsin, and at faculty workshops at the University of Louisville, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law in Louisville, Kentucky, the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law in Kansas City, Missouri, and Syracuse University College of Law in Syracuse, New York. My project was aided enormously by the research assistance of Joshua Grant and the library assistance of Lucy Moss.
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